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San Fransisco, CA

Founding Team

Angel Investor

Product Manager



Content Manager

Community Manager


San Francisco, CA


Lead Developer

Software Development

Operations / Support

San Francisco & Seattle


Support Team

Special Thanks

Auckland, New Zealand
Cocos (Keeling) Islands
Seattle -> San Francisco

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About Webcred.it

At Webcred.it, we believe everyone deserves recognition.

Not just the superstars, but the behind-the-scenes experts: the testers, the project managers and the two-week contractors - everyone involved should be able to share in the credit of a successful project.

Webcred.it is the world's central 'about us' page - part IMDb, part LinkedIn and part Wikipedia. It's a permanent record of the projects you've been involved in, listing the specific roles you and your colleagues played.

Whether it's for posterity, for respect, or for ego - you can finally tell the world what you really do for a living.

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