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Category Rationale from The Webby Awards
Activism Sites facilitating political change, social movement, human rights, public education and reform, or revolution.
Art Sites primarily to display or promote art of any medium, art galleries, art auctions or content focused on art criticism or the art world.
Associations Sites for industry or trade associations or groups.
Blog - Business Sites that serve as weblogs or online journals for professional and business related topics.
Blog - Cultural Sites created by individuals or groups that serve as weblogs or online journals for cultural, lifestyle or entertainment topics.
Blog - Personal Sites and blogs about individuals. These personal sites are created by you about you, by you about someone else, or by someone else about you. Portfolio sites are not accepted in this category. They should be entered in Self Promo/Portfolio
Blog - Political Sites that serve as weblogs or online journals for political and civic oriented topics.
Car Sites & Car Culture Sites that feature car culture, performance and services, including review sites, online resources, pricing guides and fan forums.
Celebrity/Fan Sites focused on celebrating, promoting or honoring celebrities, personalities, bands, athletes, movie actors, or other people of note.
Charitable Organizations/Non-Profit Sites for charities and charitable organizations whose primary purpose is helping people or other worthy causes.
City & Urban Innovation Sites created by or executed on behalf of a city or local municipality that advances or informs the needs of its constituents via an online experience.
Community Sites creating and facilitating online community, connectedness and/or communication around shared interests. These sites can target either a broad-based or niche audience.
Consumer Electronics Sites that feature or review any type of consumer electronics, including computers, mobile devices, home audio/video equipment or other related electronic products.
Corporate Communications Sites that serve as online identities for corporations, organizations, businesses or professional individuals. These sites may promote, market or provide information and a point of contact for products, services, corporate individuals or companies involved in on or offline commerce.
Corporate Social Responsibility Sites that promote a company or organization's mission to improve civil and social life.
Cultural Institutions Sites for museums, parks, zoos, gardens, aquariums, theatres, arenas and any other institutions of cultural significance.
Education Sites that are educational, promote education, or provide online curriculum or education services. This category includes educational content for children or adults, resources for educators, and "distance learning" courses. Does not include school sites, see School.
Email Newsletters Subscriber-based newsletters sent via email. Such as general interest, communal, retail, and customer relationship management.
Employment Sites featuring job and employment listings, job and career search services, recruiting services, career advice, headhunting or other career or job related information.
Events Sites promoting specific events including concerts, fairs, festivals, sporting events, tours, or other events.
Family/Parenting Sites providing content related to family issues, child rearing, family activities, pregnancy, parenting tips and other information.
Fashion & Beauty Sites that feature personal style, clothing, design, and accessories. These include fashion and beauty editorial and style guide sites.
Financial Services/Banking Sites providing financial services and/or information. These include online stock trading, financial news, mortgage information, credit cards, or investor relations and services.
Food & Drink Sites that cover the culinary world, including food culture, restaurants, recipes, and products.
Games Sites featuring direct online gaming for individuals or multi-player. Includes games of any type including action, sports, fantasy, skill, or logic. Sites promoting, reviewing, and providing gaming resources should be entered in the Games-Related category.
Games-Related Sites devoted to the world and culture of computer gaming. This includes gaming news, gaming magazines, walkthroughs, FAQs and gaming resources. Sites that feature playable single- or multiplayer games should be entered in the Games category.
Government Sites providing information and services pertaining to government matters. These include sites that enable online citizen action, offer self-help information, publish government documents and forms, and provide access to services provided by government agencies.
Green Sites that focus on "green" issues including concerns for environmental conservation and improvement of the state of the environment. Specific examples include recycling or energy blogs, websites announcing "green" corporate initiatives, conservation-focused blogging or environmentally friendly computer recycling websites.
Guides/Ratings/Reviews Mobile sites or Apps developed specifically for handheld devices that provide reviews of products or services for either consumer or business audiences. These include restaurant reviews, travel reviews, business product or service reviews, buying guides, best-of resources, product and price comparison sites or Apps.
Health Sites that provide information on personal health and well-being. These include medical, alternative medicine, health and lifestyle, mental health, and fitness.
Humor Sites dedicated to comedy or the art of laughter.
Law Web sites for law firms, legal service providers, pro-bono legal services, litigation support, and self-help legal information. Sites that feature content on legal issues, trials, law and business issues, court decisions or legal advocacy.
Lifestyle Sites featuring commentary, commerce and advice on lifestyle and living topics such as gardening, home improvement, interior design, architecture, and like subjects. Sites touching on the personal side of life by providing information and resources that allow people to live on their own terms.
Magazine Sites that are online editions or companions to offline business or consumer magazines, or sites published only online ('zines).
Media Streaming Sites that offer audio or video streaming services, such as television, sports, film, music, podcasts, news, and radio.
Movie & Film Sites dedicated to moving pictures in all forms. Includes movie listings, film reviews, theory and history, and fan sites and fan forums.
Music Original online film and video dedicated to the presentation of music.
NetArt Projects that integrate art and technology, exploring and expanding the distinctive capacity of the medium. Projects must include a Web-based component and may include an offline element.
News Sites developed for the distribution of recent happenings. These may be offshoots of established broadcast or other existing news operations, or developed specifically for online news.
Politics Sites providing political information. These may include campaign or candidate sites, political resources, or political news sites promoting a political cause or action.
Professional Services Sites for professional service firms including consultants of any type, accountants and other business service providers.
Radio & Podcasts Sites and podcasts with ties to a radio network, station, or program, either on the air or on the Web. This category includes sites that relate to a specific musical or talk-radio show, segment, or station and individual or episodic audio or video podcasts available for download or Online streaming.
Real Estate Sites marketing or promoting the sale or rental of residential or commercial real estate, including real estate listings, brokers and brokerage services, real estate agents, and sites for developments, buildings or other real estate holdings.
Religion & Spirituality Sites focusing on the spirit or the soul, evangelizing spiritual practice, celebrating God(s) or any other divine power - traditional or otherwise. These include sites which provide information about the ritual, history and practice of all forms of spirituality, church and temple sites, online confessions, virtual prayer groups, and astrology sites as well as sites that provide a platform for direct online spiritual experience.
School/University Sites for schools (high school, secondary school, elementary school), specialty school, technical school, colleges, universities and other schools.
Science Sites distributing information related to scientific exploration. These include science exhibits, science museums, science organizations, science laboratories, and academic institutions.
Self-Promotion/Portfolio An individual's creative work or collection of examples of prior projects, used to promote experience, qualifications, and skills. An online resume and demonstration of professional abilities on an individual basis. For companies, see Professional Services.
Shopping Sites providing consumers online commerce and retail sales of any products or services.
Social Media Social networks or platforms that enable communal sharing and integration within a community.
Sports Original online content featuring sports news, sporting culture, sports teams, sports statistics, sports data, sporting events, and sports history.
Television Sites which are online counterparts of television programs, promote television programs, television networks, or cable networks.
Travel Sites that provide travel services and information. These include online agents for purchasing tickets, hotel rooms, rental cars, vacation packages and other travel services. Includes online travel guides, travel writing, and travel tools.
Web Services & Apps Sites, Web applications, widgets and desktop apps allowing real world activities to be done online. These include agent or bot sites as well as application sites that help people edit photos, create documents, find jobs, locate houses, make dates, or which otherwise facilitate typically offline activities from a keyboard.
Weird Sites that just seem strange, offbeat or odd. This category includes sites that reflect a fresh perspective in thought and action strong enough to start a revolution, change a behavior pattern, or advance old thinking lodged in bad habits, or that are just plain weird.
Youth Sites for those under 18: kids, youth, adolescents, teens and young adults.