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Webcred.it — The world's 'about us' page for products & their creators

Product Hunt, September 7, 2015

Iz — partnerlist.io: "AB demoed Webcred.it at one of the Product Hunt Sydney meetups. This is a really dynamic centralised "About Page" for many projects / companies. As this grows, it should become a really valuable source of constantly updated information." MORE

Webcred.it — Skills & Project verification for Tech Workers

Startup88, June 2015

EDITORIAL: Great idea, there are some things you just can’t express or demonstrate on your Linkedin profile and profiles are often embellished.

Webcred.it allows you establish a record of projects you have worked on and the role you played which is confirmed by the company or project. There is no mechanism on Linkedin to provide this verification of both skills and your actual contribution.

In my case I have run about 10 tech projects that were either short gigs or experiments which are not really suitable to list on Linkedin as a separate jobs which would make sense to list on Webcred.it.

Often as a freelancer you might not be directly working for a company but have contributed to the actual product they released, yet remain hidden in the background.

Interestingly as we have seen with large startups such as Facebook, there are often forgotten founders who have been wiped from the company history, wonder if Webcred.it will keep these in place or grey them out slightly.

This is actually a pretty big opportunity which could be extended to all types of engineering, civil, buildings, aircraft, vehicle design, science and other products and projects. MORE

Webcred.it is in the 2014 SMART 100

Anthill Smart100, May 2014

When the founder was assisting large retail giants build their web sites, working with teams of experts – none of whom would ever get any public recognition for their efforts.

This sparked the notion that, of all mediums, surely the web itself would be the best platform to describe itself… but no: there are no online standards for “web site credits” as there are for movies, TV and games.

Webcred.it, a standardised platform, was developed to be an industry standard of the people, roles and technologies who build web sites, to give recognition and credibility to the web industry. MORE

The IMDb of the web industry Webcred.it addresses the importance of attribution

Startup Daily, March 2014

Why is it that motion pictures, television programmes and video games use credits to attribute the talent behind the art, but not the web industry?

This was the question Andrew Ballard asked himself five years ago, before he went ahead and created Webcred.it – a site that functions as a central reference, listing the individuals and technologies behind every website. MORE

Meet the Best Regional Startups finalists in the 2014 StartupSmart Awards

StartupSmart, March 2014

Running a platform for web developers and designers to showcase their work and testimonials from Drysdale hasn’t been an issue for Webcred.it, who say they’ve used every available social network to grow both an Australian and international presence.

Founder Andrew Ballard says there has been almost no issue runing his business remotely, although he’s paid extra attention to making investors feel at ease quickly by tackling the topic head one.

It also allows him to efficiently manage batches of meetings rather than have them scattered throughout the week. MORE