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Andrew Ballard on August 25th, 2015

re: SignUpFirst — How are you planning on scaling SignUpFirst? Sticking with MediaTemple for a long run, or considering alternatives? Reply

David Allison on August 28th, 2015

Hello Andrew,
To scale SignUpFirst we are doing two things. development and partnerships. We are developing features to reach a stable MVP stage and then also media buying/partnering with key sites related to our audience. Its great to find so many people are writing blog posts about us now.

Media temple was and still is a great host for us. We have had very little downtime and it helped a huge deal with our traffic spike from being featured on Product Hunt. I think if you are confident in your startup and know you will get spikes of traffic, you should definitely be looking for a quality host that can handle it. I would definitely recommend using them if you expect spikes of traffic. Until we see a decrease in speed and performance we will actually stay on their Grid service for some time before moving onto a dedicated host. Reply/Comment

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